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Real Online Money Making Opportunities are a Reality with Big Idea Mastermind Academy  You’re about to join one of the highest and coolest masterminds in the industry and get access to one-of-a-kind automated marketing system which will allow you to create a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it in the next 60. That’s our goal and I want to have 100% success rate.



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In A Nut Shell …

BIG IDEA MASTERMIND – Create a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it in the next 60.
Want to know the “secret” behind this mastermind?
  • Choosing Empower Network as our vehicle – 100% commission!
  • Having great products that sells like HOT CAKES!
  • Great leadership from Vick Strizheus and David Wood and Big Idea Mastermind Founding Members !
  • Having a unique custom automated marketing system!
  • And Much Much More!

    There are 5 Awesome Levels that You Can Join.

You Can Start with As Low as $25.00 and Work Your Way Up 



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I Got  a Question For You ?

  • If you’re new at any online business marketing, or if you’ve already had an online business set up for a while already, how successful are you?
  • Are you in the exact place where you want to be right now, with full assurance that you have a 100% success rate?
  • Or perhaps, you have been thinking about starting an online business for a while but never really looked into it or were afraid to invest in one because of all the hype out there?
  • Perhaps you want extra income, or you want to make an entirely new career out of working online?
  • Or maybe you are like my wife, a busy mom who works from home and,  you are looking for something that you and your husband can do together, supporting each other in the family and in the business?

What ever you situation is Big Idea Master Mind will work for you!

Big Idea Mastermind is a brand new strategically designed automated marketing system !

Big Idea is a mastermind that’s basically designed to create a 100% success rate, especially for small people like you and me. It’s not like any other mastermind group out there. And the system and the methods every member follows will allow you to reach your financial goals of 5k to 10k within a realistic 30 to 60 days.

 The members all included in Big Idea Master Mind  have access to a one of a kind automated marketing system which will allow members to create a realistic goal of about 5-10 thousand dollars per month of income. And that’s within the next 30 to 60 days and then you’ll be able to double it in the next 60 days after that ! all with the Big Idea 100% Success Rate. Now that is a Big Idea Mastermind !

Big Idea is unique and strategically designed to automate your business and give you leverage, and a chance to move up and work with the big players with little or no experience at all in the online marketing industry.

As a member of Big Idea Mastermind you’ll also be provided with step-by-step tutorials guiding you evert step of the way through different levels of modules, from beginners to intermediate, to advanced levels, all step by step walking with you to assure your success !.

 You also get  access to super successful people who will share their personal knowledge of marketing, traffic generation techniques, personal development tips, and will also discover some of the best new web traffic techniques available, such as what is the most powerful internet advertising platform in the world which our members use on a daily basis to generate highly targeted website traffic and how to utilize that and access advanced advertising data and technology used by the big companies to capitalize on your market.

Now, how do you keep yourself in the money and find the right traffic or cheap traffic or even free traffic? That’s a problem that a lot of people face and we solve that with this Big Idea Mastermind. You’ll know the best products to promote, receive the best training by BIM all to first of all get YOU to our realistic goal of making 5k to 10k in the first 30 days launching you out on the road of success ! , Remember Big Idea is projecting a 100% Success Rate.

Big Idea Master Mind is  one of the highest and coolest masterminds in the industry you will have  access to one-of-a-kind automated marketing system which will allow you to create a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it in the next 60.



That’s our goal along with a 100% success Rate.Find Out How Click Here !


How Are We Going To Do That?

Simply put. We use Empower Network as a vehicle and Big Idea Mastermind is a driving force (the engine) that will power this vehicle and make it move faster than anything you’ve ever seen before! I am confident we will make a huge difference in the industry and change a LOT of lives for the better… starting with YOU.

Why Use Empower Network as a Vehicle?

It’s the hottest vehicle there is right now. And we’re going to capitalize on that by powering it with our own unique custom marketing system and building it right in to the Big Idea Mastermind.

We chose Empower for 3 main reasons:

1. 100% Commissions

2. Great Products

3. Great Leadership

When we marry that with Big Idea Mastermind, we’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.

This is truly a life changing experience for anyone aboard the Big Idea Mastermind project ! and I really want to share it with a lot of other people so that they can experience the same benefits. So, go to and get your self positioned right now ! don’t be left out remember the crucial importance of positioning yourself !

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Follow this simple plan:

1 What is Big Idea Mastermind ? (read)

2 The Goal – Big Idea Mastermind (read)

3 Big Idea Mastermind – Research (read)

4 Big Idea Mastermind Levels Vs Empower Network Levels (read)

5 Big Idea Mastermind – Positioning (read)

6 Pledge -Big Idea Mastermind Code of Conduct (apply)

7 Join Empower Network ($25) and Get Free Access to BIM (act now)




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