Mar 23, 2014
Jul 12, 2013

Target Your Potential: It’s Unlimited

Did you know you can be anything you want? If you can imagine it, you can become it. But there’s one very important point to remember. There’s a Gestation Period for Everything There’s a time for everything under the sun, including sowing seed and reaping the harvest. I didn’t understand this for years. I had a hurry up and wait attitude and when I didn’t get my way immediately, I abandoned all hope. What I didn’t know was the principle of sowing and reaping, or planting and harvesting. Everything in nature works this way and so do we. Even though we can choose what we want, we will have to allow that seed of imagination and dreams to gestate and grow in a nurturing environment of positive thoughts and peaceful, confident emotions. Then it will be birthed when it’s good and ready. Once You Target Your Potential, Never Let It [...]

Jul 10, 2013

3 Ways to Produce Money

We’ve all heard the news reports: economy down, stock market drops, unemployment up. What downers! $1. The first thing to do to produce money is to MAKE A DECISION TO STOP LISTENING TO THE NEWS! That’s right. Just Stop. We are all much better off for doing this. Let’s be selective in what we put into our minds. $2. The second thing to do to produce money is to START LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO ARE PRODUCING MONEY. For instance, if you want to learn how to become an electrician, you would learn from an expert electrician with experience and success who could teach this skill to you. It should be the same with money. Learn only from those who are successful and can teach you how to get money. Don’t listen to those who are struggling. They can only teach you how to struggle. If you listen to the people [...]

Jul 9, 2013

Be Different and Attract Real Online Money Making Opportunities

Are you a 2%-er? What is a two percenter? It is NOT a 98%-er! To Be the Best We Must Be Different How many people are succeeding? Roughly 2%. So the 98% are not the best? Absolutely! The majority average is not the best. Where has following the majority crowd gotten any of us? Are we so wealthy right now that we can’t spend enough money to keep up with our income? The 2%-ers live this way. To be The Best and attract real online money making opportunities into our life, we must be different. We must become a 2%-er. That means we are not doing what the 98% are doing. Instead, we are following those who are truly successful, not people who “say” they are successful. Someone once told me the difference between someone who has money and someone who just wants others to think they have money. The [...]

Jul 8, 2013

What Opportunity Are Targeted Dreams Made Of?

If you want the first part of the Formula for Success, then you will start with your dream. Target Your Dream Write down your dream. Know your vision and where you want it to take you. It is easy to dream, but when we write down our dream and know exactly where we want it to take us, then we target it and our destination locks in. It becomes like a powerful weapon that paints a target and locks onto the bulls eye. By writing down our dream we are also believing it is possible. Unbelief and doubt are why so many people do not write down their dream. Fear holds them captive and they never move beyond their current situation because they do not believe they can. This is the 98% of people who stay stuck in jobs they hate and do not believe that an abundant life can [...]