A Different Kind of Work for Busy Moms

Build Your Financial Ark Today Busy Moms!

 What Is The Hold Up?

This is for those Busy Moms who are considering working online. Have you ever thought to yourself: “I wonder if I can do this?” You went through the would have/could have/should have blues and came out the other end doing absolutely nothing. How do I know? I have done it too.

As humans, we all doubt ourselves sometimes. We all wonder IF we can do it. But you know what? We Just Need to DO IT. If we kick back and keep wondering and doubting ourselves, then nothing ever gets done—but we do not like to admit it.

Once we get past the excuses and the doubt, we just need to admit that it is scary to start something new, to take a risk, to trust people, THEN WE CAN GET TO WORK. I Want To Start Working Today!

Make Something Happen—NOW

I did not want to get on the treadmill today, but I did it. I did not want to clean up my kitchen while chasing down my daughter to make sure she was safe at play, but I did it (in intervals, but I did it!). I did not want to do laundry at 10p.m. last night, but I did it.

I know Busy Moms know what I am talking about. But we do get scared when it comes to jumping into online money making opportunities. Questions flood our minds. Noah had questions too. He looked ridiculous. But he and his family were saved (and these are as the days of Noah). He built the ark. He just DID IT. He made it happen.

Busy Moms, you are helping to build a protective ark for your family. You can make it happen. If you have a Busy Dad to help, then all the better! My husband and I are so fortunate to have the privilege to work from home at a REAL online money making opportunity. We are building our own team, our own little empire, and this is what you will be doing also. I Want To Make It Happen NOW!

Not Your Typical 9 to 5

This is a real online money making opportunity where you can have a website, a blog, user tools and drive targeted traffic to your site. You can set your own hours and work as much as you want. I devote blocks of time throughout the day because I have a husband, baby and house to take care of. But my husband devotes all day and night, pushing through the tough spots for us because he wants to be on the winning team.

You decide. You will be building your own empire, your own protective financial ark for your family. It is different than any other work because you set your own ceiling. You are your own boss. You take it as high and as far as you want to go.

You decide to kick doubt out of the way and out of your life. You press on when others do not believe. You keep going when others quit. You never stop when others speak negative. You are not like the others. You are different because this is a different kind of work. This goes higher, believes more, and always thinks, believes and speaks the positive. You are a QUALITY Busy Mom and you KICK anything not of quality out of your life!

Go, go, go! I’m Ready! Let’s Get Started NOW!

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Busy Moms vs. Busy Dads

My husband was telling me about a news clip he heard recently. It was about Clinton visiting a country in the Middle East. He assumed it was former U.S. President Bill Clinton, but he was surprised to see it was his wife Hilary! It is a great example of how women are often behind the scenes working while the husbands are up front and center. We know there are Busy Moms right now working behind the scenes for their families and their work. So why not step to the forefront? I’m Ready to Step Up NOW!

Big Idea Mastermind Academy is looking for leaders to step up in online money making opportunities. They are looking for team leaders to start their own empires who will make money and show others how to make money also. They are looking for Busy Moms to step up to the plate and start their own teams. Busy Dads are currently in the lead, but I know that Busy Moms will soon follow. I urge you forward. Be a team leader, Busy Mom! I Want to Get Started Right Now!

Okay, Busy Dads, keep up the Good Work! Urge your wives, daughters, and mothers on. Working together, you can have a fantastic life. My husband and I work online together. Two can do more than one. When either one of us is tired, we know that the other one is continuing the work. When we have ideas, we can expand them into greater territory with two minds thinking on the same subject for the same cause: our family.

We truly want to see other Busy Moms and Dads succeed. It is a Joy to stay at home and work at real online opportunities. We use targeted traffic just like others who are successful in online marketing. We hope you will join us in the online adventure that truly pays off Big!

Be “Comparable to No One” like this video says.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/YJFqRTrRLRE” title=”Join%20The%20Winning%20Team%20!%20and%20Be%20Next%20in%20Stage%20with%20Big%20Check%20!%20Big%20Idea%20Mastermind%20Academy”]

To Your Own Team! I’m Ready to JOIN!


SuperStar Big Idea Mastermind Busy Moms

You Can Be A SuperStar Big Idea Mastermind Busy Mom!
You Can Be A SuperStar Big Idea Mastermind Busy Mom!

How to become a SuperStar Big Idea Mastermind Busy Mom:

  • Join the hottest MOST PRODUCTIVE real online money making opportunity RIGHT NOW. Join at any Level—the Important thing is to GET STARTED!
  • Study and Learn how to drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to your site.

If you follow these steps, you will be the hottest SuperStar Big Idea Mastermind Busy Mom. YOU will be HELPING PEOPLE MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE while YOUR OWN DREAMS materialize right before your very eyes. I Want To Start Making My Dreams A Reality NOW!

Are Your Dreams A Reality?

Everyone dreams. Every human being on earth needs vision—dreams. It is good to dream, but we should not just stay there. We need to find ways to make our dreams become a reality. I honestly do not know of any other system out there that can make dreams come true so quickly, if you work it. Even doctors, who go to school for a decade or more, do not make the kind of money that is available to this Mastermind. No fooling.

Take a look at Big Idea Mastermind, for example, which made $700,000 is just 28 days. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE because this system is DOABLE and is growing stronger every day. If you are just starting out, you will soon see your hard work PAY OFF BIG!

Big Idea Mastermind Academy Facts—Helping The World?

If you still are wondering about YOUR online money making opportunity, I encourage you to think seriously about BIG IDEA MASTERMIND ACADEMY. It is about helping people, not just making money for private gain. In fact, Big Idea Mastermind Academy gives some of its proceeds to ministries that help people from all walks of life all over the world. Its focus is philanthropy because success is not just afforded to one person, but to the common good of those in need. By giving to larger forces that are out there, they are helping people who truly need help.

Who are the greatest SuperStars? The ones who give back. The ones who help others. The ones who never let someone else fall or fail. The ones who are always there to lift others up with their positive attitudes saying YOU CAN DO IT. Think of truly successful, high level people. If they are TRULY successful and not just saying they are successful, then you will see that they do not keep all the money for themselves. They give. The greatest, wealthiest, most productive people GIVE. I Want To Start Making GIVING MONEY!

What do Busy Moms do? They GIVE. They give their Time, Energy, Love, Respect, and Hands for their children and families. BUSY MOMS ARE SUPERSTARS!



How Can I Help?

If your desire is to help more people than you can reach, then Big Idea Mastermind Academy is for you. We cannot all do it alone. We need each other. We need to give to entities that are bigger than ourselves. We need to help other SuperStars do their job better. You are getting the picture. I know you are.

There are other Masterminds out there, but check them out. Know where your money and hard work is going. Helping people within the inner circle is commendable and honorable. But stepping out way beyond that is brilliance because the blessing reaches to the ends of the earth.

Are YOU ready to join up with other SuperStar Big Idea Mastermind Busy Moms? I’m A SuperStar–Sign Me UP!


The Facts About Online Money For Busy Moms

Let us define the word FACT: the quality of being actual, something that actually exists, reality, truth. So what are the Facts about online money for Busy Moms?

The Contrast

Have you ever tried to make money with Clickbank or some other form of online money making opportunity that only pays a few dollars here and there? Perhaps you have made some money. It is exciting! The first $100 is great. But what if you could make more than pocket change? What if you could add a zero and make your first check $1,000! The Fact is, you totally can do this. I want to start making money NOW!

Make some REAL online money! http://bigideamastermindacademy.com/
Make some REAL online money! http://bigideamastermindacademy.com/

I will tell you right now from experience that it will not happen with something that only pays out a few dollars here and there. You might make change, but you will not make real online money. You cannot race a Jaguar against a horse and buggy. You need the big engine.

Right now the Big Idea Mastermind Academy is a big engine. It does not mean there is no work involved. It simply means that the work you do will be smarter, way more efficient, and you will have a payoff that is comparable to no other. That is good news for Busy Moms!

Why Are FACTS Important?

Facts tell what is actual, real, and true. We could say they show evidence. Evidence is looking at a bank account of a truly successful person and seeing real results. The people in Big Idea Mastermind are doing this. They are stepping out with their online bank accounts and showing the public what they make. This is powerful! This is a Jaguar, not a horse and buggy! I want to start driving my Jaguar!

They are not stopping there. They are also showing how much real targeted traffic they are getting to their sites. This is important because targeted traffic converts to money. If you want real online money making opportunities, then you must have real targeted traffic going to your site. It is not hard because there are plenty of tools out there that Big Idea Mastermind teaches. Not everyone teaches this. Why?

What is the difference between someone who is truly successful and someone who just says they are successful? The people who are truly successful are out there helping others become truly successful. This is what Big Idea Mastermind Academy is all about. Success for one person equals success for another person, and so on. It is better to teach someone how to fish than just give them a fish to eat once.

Big Idea Mastermind Facts—What Do They Mean For Me?

They mean seeing real people making real money online and showing others how to do it too. It means seeing real, awesome targeted traffic and learning how it works. It means success in a Mastermind where everyone comes together for the common good: helping people make money. Busy Moms need money! Go, Moms! You do not have to steer the horse and buggy anymore with a big yield sign on your back. Get in your Jaguar and drive the competition away.

Are you up for it? Yes! I’m ready to start making real money online–Sign Me Up!


Big Idea Masterminded Busy Moms

We All Start With An A+!

What does it mean to be Masterminded? It means to be ALL IN and that is just what Busy Moms and Dads are doing! There are getting themselves Positioned at a Level in which they will shoot for and Achieve a 100% Success Rate.

What Is Positioning and What Can It Do For Me?

The definition of Position is “the right or appropriate place.” Being in a Mastermind certainly is the right or appropriate place because it is an educated group of like-minded professionals who support each other to reach their goals. When one person in the Mastermind succeeds, they all succeed. It is a win-win situation. There is no room for negativity, so the right place is always positive where goals are continually reached.

Do you have a goal you want to reach? A Mastermind can help you. It is helping many Busy Moms and Dads right now. But not everyone starts out at the same level of a Mastermind. The beauty of it is that you get to choose your starting line. There is no discrimination, so if you want to start right at the top, then you can do that. But not everyone can start at the top. That is okay and just as acceptable. You can always move up from where you begin. I want to start at the level that is right for me RIGHT NOW!

Everyone Has the Same Opportunity to Start with an A+

I had a teacher once who told us something the very first day of school that made a lot of sense to me. She said that we were all starting with an A+. Anything we got lower than that throughout the year was our choice. It was up to us to Keep that A+ going. I always remembered that because I believe in it. Everyone wants to start with an A+, right! No matter what level you start at, you will start with an A+. The Mastermind then works with you to keep you there so success is always attainable.

Attainable success comes through targeted traffic, real online money making opportunities, and getting positioned for what is right for you. Another great thing about the Mastermind is that there is no ceiling. You can go as high as you want to go. And many do. The Mastermind is there to help you. The Big Idea Mastermind Academy even has phone service to answer any questions you might have. But this may not be around forever. High call volume only makes this available for a limited time. I want to talk to a Real Person Right Now!

The Facts are Out There for Everyone to See

There is nothing hidden that will be disclosed later only to discover it will not work for you. If you read the Facts Page on Big Idea Mastermind Academy, you will have a good idea of what you need to do and what the Mastermind can do for you. This is great for Busy Moms and Dads because it caters to the work from home world. Even if you still have a job outside of your home, this is a very doable system for everyone who wants to make a lot of money in a Mastermind.


I Want to Join! Sign Me Up!


Best to You!


Busy Moms Sell Money

Targeted Traffic Funnel Coming Through!

When someone asks you what you do for a living, it would be wonderful to tell them you sell money! That is what some Busy Moms do!

Sell What?

I once worked for an insurance company that claimed they sold money because they sold annuities. Well, when you help people drive targeted traffic to their site, you are virtually doing the same thing: selling money.

We can all sell money (targeted traffic) for real online money making opportunities. Busy Moms working online do just that. Big Idea Mastermind Academy is one avenue for selling money for BIG online money making opportunities. This thing is exploding all over the internet and Busy Moms are at the forefront. I want to find out more. Call Me!

What is Targeted Traffic?

Let us review for a moment. Specialized, highly targeted traffic zeros in on the right buyer for the right product. It is a perfect match and is as close to direct sales via the internet as you can get. The targeted traffic funnels to your webpage where your sales offer is located so that buying is just a click away. Remember, if you sell farm equipment, you will not be looking for an audience who is looking to buy music beats. That is why you need targeted traffic. Of course you will place ads where farm equipment is needed most and also where it is blogged about, asked about, etc.

Big Idea Mastermind Academy is elite when it comes to totally specific quality identified targeted traffic. The funnel is super masterminded like a tornado through Kansas. Where does it lead? It leads to selling money and making money. Lots and lots of money. That is why Busy Moms are in the lead. They do not waste precious time, resources and energy on money making opportunities that simply do not work.

A Tornado Through What? Where?

If you have ever seen the inside of a tornado (thanks to the internet, you now can), you will see debris flying everywhere, but it is always contained within the funnel cloud. The funnel spins and moves, traveling quite fast, keeping certain debris contained and kicking out what is not contained within the cloud.

This is how targeted traffic works. The unnecessary is kicked out while the necessary specifics are contained and spinning, traveling with the speed of the web, which means time is of the essence. Right now Busy Moms can sell A LOT of money because the funnel cloud is picking up speed and growing larger as it goes. But funnel clouds do not last forever. I want IN before it blows over!

If you live or have lived in an area of your country where tornadoes are frequent, then you know that there is always a SEASON in which they occur. Right now is the season for Busy Moms to make a killing on targeted traffic. If you are still waiting, then get ready to pick your winning team now because funnel clouds move fast and they are not all the same. Some are skinny and blow over, resulting in nothing. Others are big, full, monstrous and they mean big business.

There is an F5 coming through. Are you in?


Yes! I want to make Real Online Money NOW!



Online Money Making Opportunities for Busy Moms

The Key Ingredient to Real Online Money Making Opportunities

Are you a busy mom? Big Idea Mastermind Academy is a great way for busy moms to make money online. Real online money making opportunities do exist, despite any past bad experiences with online jobs you may have had that went nowhere. The big promises that most online opportunities throw at you are dead ends because they don’t have the key ingredient to making real money online: targeted traffic.

Big Idea Mastermind Academy gives the facts about making money online. I’ve found this system to be effective right from the beginning. Like other money making opportunities, you have to work. However, what makes this different is its unique system of target traffic that power kicks into high gear. Most of the work is really just blogging to keep the engine generating. There’s monthly residual income, so it just keeps working for you. As a busy mom, I need that!

Why Target Traffic?

Imaging tons of traffic going to your website. That’s great, right? What if your website is about farm equipment, but your traffic consists of people looking for anything from music beats, to cats, to photography? These aren’t people who are looking for farm equipment! So you need to drive traffic to your individual niche. With targeted traffic, you aren’t wasting money or time, but you’re getting the right people to the right site every time. Now that is working smarter, not harder!

Real Online Money vs. Imaginary Online Money

Many people work hard at an online business opportunity, but get nowhere. They claim to have money, but they have nothing. It’s like people who drive fancy sports cars and live in expensive homes, but their bank accounts are quicksand. Imaginary money is even more worthless than Monopoly money. It is all talked up for an “image” that fuels the sinking pool of sand.

Big Idea Mastermind Academy is a tool to get you real online money. My husband and I are working and seeing real results. It’s exciting! We want to share it because there is a need, especially now in today’s economy. We stepped out and decided to give it a try. And it’s working! Without targeted traffic, however, we would be trying to find a needle in a haystack.

A Perfect Fit for Busy Moms and Dads

Busy moms and dads working online have much to benefit from Big Idea Mastermind Academy. This system is set up perfectly to work from home. It can be done any time of day or night. You just need a computer with and internet connection. You can work at your own pace and as many hours a day as you desire, taking breaks whenever you need to. It really is ideal. Sometimes I work when my baby is sleeping or sometimes I take breaks during her naptime. But she is always at my side (oh, yes, quite literally!) and I stop to play her favorite games with her a few times a day.

When we work smarter and not harder, we show our families that we care. It frees us up to be emotionally, physically and spiritually involved with them. And when your company is running with the engine of super targeted traffic, it’s a win for everybody every time!

Best to you busy moms and dads!


Real Online Money Making Opportunities

What is Real?

The definition of REAL is: Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. Is there really a fact about making money online? It is easy to imagine we can make money online or suppose that we can, but can it be a reality in the worldwide web of scams?

These are great questions, especially if you really need money and can’t afford to waste it on a hoax (a humorous or malicious deception). There’s nothing humorous about being deceived by an evil greedy person. There’s a world of difference between someone looking out for number one, and someone who genuinely wants to help others make money.

Perhaps you’ve heard the proverb that says if you give a man a fish, you may relieve his hunger for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you relieve his hunger for a lifetime. The latter is the person who really wants to help. That’s why scams don’t work!

What is an Opportunity?

Another definition I like is the one for opportunity: 1.A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. 2.A chance for employment or promotion. Opportunities are usually limited by time because they come and go. We have to choose whether or not to take a real online money making opportunity when it comes our way.

This is what my husband and I did. We were looking for work online and after some trial and error we found something that caught our attention. Through our own research, we saw integrity within the business foundation and through the webinars, we saw integrity in its leadership. And then we decided to find out if was a real online money making opportunity.

There’s Always Risk

If it’s worth trying, then it’s going to involve risk. This is where you weigh your circumstances and your chance for employment (your own business). The good thing about the internet is that there is always something new evolving. Something old that didn’t work doesn’t have to keep showing up in your online money making opportunities search. Ditch the old and bring in the new. Old online money making opportunities have come and gone. Start fresh.

I like the Big Idea Mastermind Academy where I can get the facts. I can choose my level of involvement, which brings the risk down a bit, but I can also easily upgrade at any time. I’ve found that the upgrade actually benefits everyone in the business, not just myself. It’s a win-win situation. Some people jump into the swimming pool with a big splash and some take the stairs on the side. Either way, they get in and have the same opportunity to swim.

Study the Real

How do banks spot a counterfeit bill? They study the real bills. When you spot something different, something that looks authentic, study it. Look at its integrity (1.The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. 2.The state of being whole and undivided). If the people in the company our divided and complaining amongst themselves, get out! If they have one purpose and unity and believe in what they do, stay in! Bad company corrupts good character. It’s not worth losing a good online reputation because of someone else’s bad moves. Choose wisely.

Best to you!


Big Idea Mastermind Review: Should you Buy?

Pros and Cons on the Big Idea Mastermind Full Review

Are you wondering, “What is a Mastermind?” Are you considering joining the hottest group of Mastermind individuals on the web, but not sure if you should jump in? Then this Review is for You!

Find out exactly what a Mastermind is and what the Big Idea is behind it. Here’s a sample of what this review reveals about the Big Idea Mastermind:

“The Big Idea is a private high-end mastermind and one-of-a-kind automated marketing system through which each member helps each other create a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it the next 60 days … with 100% success rate!

And seeing the actual testing results, for Big Idea brought in over ½ A Million Dollars in 21 days, without a website or anything just by letting people know what Big Idea is about ! with those results there is absolutely No Doubt that This Goal is absolutely very doable through the Big Idea Mastermind!

Big Idea Mastermind The Secret Strategy that Stands Out and Makes Big Idea Mastermind Unique and Unstoppable !

First, let me explain some never before seen strategy techniques that Big Idea Mastermind brings to the table , please put on your thinking caps and visualize in the theater of your mind what I am about to illustrate to you ! First Big Idea Mastermind strategically uses Empower Network as a vehicle. Why?”

The Big Idea Mastermind offers the flexibility of different levels of involvement. It is all about positioning. Read the review to find out WHY positioning is so crucial to your success. 100% commissions is ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF in any other business. Is this Big Idea Mastermind for real, or is it a scam? Read the review and discover for yourself.



Targeted Traffic for Real Online Money Making Opportunities

There is good traffic and useless traffic. Kind of like on the freeway where the “useless” is more like annoying. If you want only good traffic to your site, then it must be targeted. This is vital to making real online money.

Traffic is Traffic, Right?

What do bicycle shops and avocado growers have in common? Nothing. You may have two million people going to your site every day, but if they are scattered from all different categories on the internet, then the majority of people searching on your site are not going to stay and look around because it is not what they need.

How do you meet a search need? Does searching for Google Ad Words really work? You bet it does. This is where you have to do your homework because it will not just happen. You have to go out and look for your audience. You can do this for free or purchase it (which will save you tons of time). If you pay to find targeted traffic by a reliable service, then the online money making opportunities will more than compensate for the initial cost.

A Real Targeted Traffic Example

If you really want to drive sales and earn money online, then you cannot skip this important part of real online money making opportunities. It is real because it works. The Big Idea Mastermind Academy has a facts page about the different levels of involvement within this online opportunity. The traffic going to this site is for people who want to make quit your job kind of online money. It is for anyone who is considering working online, who already is working online, for busy moms and dads who want to work from home, and for people who just want to bring in more money.

Are you satisfied with your job? Your salary? Then you would not be looking for this site. But if you are highly interested in looking to make money, or MORE money online with a real online money making opportunity, then you certainly will be looking for this site because this is what it is all about. Why waste time, energy and money on anything but targeted traffic?

As fast as the internet moves these days, it is important to be target specific traffic and move ahead even faster. Targeted traffic helps you stay steps ahead of your competition and moves you into a whole new arena of sales. See the difference for yourself. Best to you.