A Different Kind of Work for Busy Moms

Build Your Financial Ark Today Busy Moms!

 What Is The Hold Up?

This is for those Busy Moms who are considering working online. Have you ever thought to yourself: “I wonder if I can do this?” You went through the would have/could have/should have blues and came out the other end doing absolutely nothing. How do I know? I have done it too.

As humans, we all doubt ourselves sometimes. We all wonder IF we can do it. But you know what? We Just Need to DO IT. If we kick back and keep wondering and doubting ourselves, then nothing ever gets done—but we do not like to admit it.

Once we get past the excuses and the doubt, we just need to admit that it is scary to start something new, to take a risk, to trust people, THEN WE CAN GET TO WORK. I Want To Start Working Today!

Make Something Happen—NOW

I did not want to get on the treadmill today, but I did it. I did not want to clean up my kitchen while chasing down my daughter to make sure she was safe at play, but I did it (in intervals, but I did it!). I did not want to do laundry at 10p.m. last night, but I did it.

I know Busy Moms know what I am talking about. But we do get scared when it comes to jumping into online money making opportunities. Questions flood our minds. Noah had questions too. He looked ridiculous. But he and his family were saved (and these are as the days of Noah). He built the ark. He just DID IT. He made it happen.

Busy Moms, you are helping to build a protective ark for your family. You can make it happen. If you have a Busy Dad to help, then all the better! My husband and I are so fortunate to have the privilege to work from home at a REAL online money making opportunity. We are building our own team, our own little empire, and this is what you will be doing also. I Want To Make It Happen NOW!

Not Your Typical 9 to 5

This is a real online money making opportunity where you can have a website, a blog, user tools and drive targeted traffic to your site. You can set your own hours and work as much as you want. I devote blocks of time throughout the day because I have a husband, baby and house to take care of. But my husband devotes all day and night, pushing through the tough spots for us because he wants to be on the winning team.

You decide. You will be building your own empire, your own protective financial ark for your family. It is different than any other work because you set your own ceiling. You are your own boss. You take it as high and as far as you want to go.

You decide to kick doubt out of the way and out of your life. You press on when others do not believe. You keep going when others quit. You never stop when others speak negative. You are not like the others. You are different because this is a different kind of work. This goes higher, believes more, and always thinks, believes and speaks the positive. You are a QUALITY Busy Mom and you KICK anything not of quality out of your life!

Go, go, go! I’m Ready! Let’s Get Started NOW!

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/YJFqRTrRLRE”]


Busy Moms vs. Busy Dads

My husband was telling me about a news clip he heard recently. It was about Clinton visiting a country in the Middle East. He assumed it was former U.S. President Bill Clinton, but he was surprised to see it was his wife Hilary! It is a great example of how women are often behind the scenes working while the husbands are up front and center. We know there are Busy Moms right now working behind the scenes for their families and their work. So why not step to the forefront? I’m Ready to Step Up NOW!

Big Idea Mastermind Academy is looking for leaders to step up in online money making opportunities. They are looking for team leaders to start their own empires who will make money and show others how to make money also. They are looking for Busy Moms to step up to the plate and start their own teams. Busy Dads are currently in the lead, but I know that Busy Moms will soon follow. I urge you forward. Be a team leader, Busy Mom! I Want to Get Started Right Now!

Okay, Busy Dads, keep up the Good Work! Urge your wives, daughters, and mothers on. Working together, you can have a fantastic life. My husband and I work online together. Two can do more than one. When either one of us is tired, we know that the other one is continuing the work. When we have ideas, we can expand them into greater territory with two minds thinking on the same subject for the same cause: our family.

We truly want to see other Busy Moms and Dads succeed. It is a Joy to stay at home and work at real online opportunities. We use targeted traffic just like others who are successful in online marketing. We hope you will join us in the online adventure that truly pays off Big!

Be “Comparable to No One” like this video says.

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To Your Own Team! I’m Ready to JOIN!