An Army of Busy Moms

Multiplication Beats Addition

Stand Up and Be Counted

One can chase a thousand, and two can put ten thousand to flight. How do you figure that? If you are an army, you can multiply your efforts, not just add them.

Think in terms of 100 fold return. When you give $1, $100 comes back to you. When you give $1,000, $100,000 comes back! That is multiplication, not addition. This is a spiritual principle applied to money. When you start thinking in terms of this principle, then your bank account will increase.

If you decide it is time to start your own team with Big Idea Mastermind Academy, then what you invest into your team will return to you individually. If you give 100% to help out your teammates, then they will each give 100% to help out their teammates under them (also under you), and so on, and you will have a VAST army of soldiers producing the 100 fold return! I Want that 100 Fold Return!

It takes a little time to marinade, some patience, and some teaching tools, which are available through Big Idea Mastermind Academy. RIGHT NOW, this is the ONLY Mastermind that is speaking directly to each team member by phone and doing personal coaching and training. Soon there will be videos up and running that will show each team member step-by-step, easy instructions of how to maximize their efforts for that 100 fold return.

Why are Moms Best?

You can do this Busy Moms! Of all the people in the world, Moms know how to maximize their efforts and multitask their way to real online money making opportunities. This is what you do every day in your home with your kids. Just think, you can take what you already know so well and apply it to an online business opportunity and make some outstanding money. I’m WORTH Outstanding Money–Sign Me UP!

Many Moms blog already. Big Idea Mastermind Academy has a blogging site devoted to Busy Moms. It has its own little Army of Busy Moms. Are you a Busy Mom? Then you qualify. This Mastermind loves Busy Moms and Dads. It also loves Seniors because these groups are the people who know the most and have the most to offer in helping other people. You all bring experience to the table. No one can argue with experience. You’ve been through difficult times and you got through it. You do not quit, nor will you ever quit. You can impart this fabulous spirit to others without apology. You are IT!

Keep up the great work, Busy Moms! An Army Strong means the 100 Fold Increase will bring in a harvest because you do not give up! Invest where you need to, work hard, and watch the storehouses of wealth open. This is a great year for all of us, but especially for Busy Moms who tap into a real online money making opportunity. You have an Army of other Busy Moms working online who are behind you pushing for your success!

Go out there and Multiply your earnings this year, not just add them up! Best to you! I’m ready to get started NOW!

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