Busy Moms Sell Money

Targeted Traffic Funnel Coming Through!

When someone asks you what you do for a living, it would be wonderful to tell them you sell money! That is what some Busy Moms do!

Sell What?

I once worked for an insurance company that claimed they sold money because they sold annuities. Well, when you help people drive targeted traffic to their site, you are virtually doing the same thing: selling money.

We can all sell money (targeted traffic) for real online money making opportunities. Busy Moms working online do just that. Big Idea Mastermind Academy is one avenue for selling money for BIG online money making opportunities. This thing is exploding all over the internet and Busy Moms are at the forefront. I want to find out more. Call Me!

What is Targeted Traffic?

Let us review for a moment. Specialized, highly targeted traffic zeros in on the right buyer for the right product. It is a perfect match and is as close to direct sales via the internet as you can get. The targeted traffic funnels to your webpage where your sales offer is located so that buying is just a click away. Remember, if you sell farm equipment, you will not be looking for an audience who is looking to buy music beats. That is why you need targeted traffic. Of course you will place ads where farm equipment is needed most and also where it is blogged about, asked about, etc.

Big Idea Mastermind Academy is elite when it comes to totally specific quality identified targeted traffic. The funnel is super masterminded like a tornado through Kansas. Where does it lead? It leads to selling money and making money. Lots and lots of money. That is why Busy Moms are in the lead. They do not waste precious time, resources and energy on money making opportunities that simply do not work.

A Tornado Through What? Where?

If you have ever seen the inside of a tornado (thanks to the internet, you now can), you will see debris flying everywhere, but it is always contained within the funnel cloud. The funnel spins and moves, traveling quite fast, keeping certain debris contained and kicking out what is not contained within the cloud.

This is how targeted traffic works. The unnecessary is kicked out while the necessary specifics are contained and spinning, traveling with the speed of the web, which means time is of the essence. Right now Busy Moms can sell A LOT of money because the funnel cloud is picking up speed and growing larger as it goes. But funnel clouds do not last forever. I want IN before it blows over!

If you live or have lived in an area of your country where tornadoes are frequent, then you know that there is always a SEASON in which they occur. Right now is the season for Busy Moms to make a killing on targeted traffic. If you are still waiting, then get ready to pick your winning team now because funnel clouds move fast and they are not all the same. Some are skinny and blow over, resulting in nothing. Others are big, full, monstrous and they mean big business.

There is an F5 coming through. Are you in?


Yes! I want to make Real Online Money NOW!



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