May 3, 2013

Work with Vick Strizheus The Best Top Online Marketer in the World

Who Is Vick Strizheus? and why is he One of the Best Top Online Marketers in the World? Vick Strizheus is by far the Top Online Marketer of 2012 & 2013. Vick started High Traffic Academy and quickly became known as the King of Traffic as a result. Vick is #9 on the Business for Home Hall of Fame. Number 9 In the World! How did he become the top online marketer among the greats in the world? Vick looked at the hard stats. He saw that 98% of people marketing products online were actually NOT making any money. He started out with a borrowed $30,000 and went through $20,000 before realizing this. He even found out that some of the gurus out there were living on welfare.   The  Best Top Online Marketers in the World Give Great Value! Vick Strizheus after struggling and being burned by “Gurus” claiming [...]

Mar 27, 2013

Now That’s A REAL Online Money Making Opportunity !

Do you ever wonder what might happen if you just experimented with making money online? What if you didn’t have a website, no affiliates, or even a product, but you just Believed. Could you make it happen? Has anyone ever made it happen? The answer is… YES ! Find Out About This REAL Online Money Making Opportunity For FREE The founder of Big Idea Mastermind, Vick Strizheus, “accidentally” made over $710K is only 28 days ! He was testing a unique marketing idea by doing the “polar opposite of what everybody else is doing on the internet right now.” Not only that, but he gave this newly formed system to his students, some of whom made over $30,000 in their first month. Now Vick is willing to give away–FOR FREE–the strategies of how he did this. He reveals 3 simple steps, which done in the right order, could produce a [...]

Feb 5, 2013

Online Money Making Opportunities for Busy Moms

The Key Ingredient to Real Online Money Making Opportunities Are you a busy mom? Big Idea Mastermind Academy is a great way for busy moms to make money online. Real online money making opportunities do exist, despite any past bad experiences with online jobs you may have had that went nowhere. The big promises that most online opportunities throw at you are dead ends because they don’t have the key ingredient to making real money online: targeted traffic. Big Idea Mastermind Academy gives the facts about making money online. I’ve found this system to be effective right from the beginning. Like other money making opportunities, you have to work. However, what makes this different is its unique system of target traffic that power kicks into high gear. Most of the work is really just blogging to keep the engine generating. There’s monthly residual income, so it just keeps working for [...]

Feb 5, 2013

Busy Moms Sell Money

When someone asks you what you do for a living, it would be wonderful to tell them you sell money! That is what some Busy Moms do! Sell What? I once worked for an insurance company that claimed they sold money because they sold annuities. Well, when you help people drive targeted traffic to their site, you are virtually doing the same thing: selling money. We can all sell money (targeted traffic) for real online money making opportunities. Busy Moms working online do just that. Big Idea Mastermind Academy is one avenue for selling money for BIG online money making opportunities. This thing is exploding all over the internet and Busy Moms are at the forefront. I want to find out more. Call Me! What is Targeted Traffic? Let us review for a moment. Specialized, highly targeted traffic zeros in on the right buyer for the right product. It is [...]

Jan 31, 2013

An Army of Busy Moms

Stand Up and Be Counted One can chase a thousand, and two can put ten thousand to flight. How do you figure that? If you are an army, you can multiply your efforts, not just add them. Think in terms of 100 fold return. When you give $1, $100 comes back to you. When you give $1,000, $100,000 comes back! That is multiplication, not addition. This is a spiritual principle applied to money. When you start thinking in terms of this principle, then your bank account will increase. If you decide it is time to start your own team with Big Idea Mastermind Academy, then what you invest into your team will return to you individually. If you give 100% to help out your teammates, then they will each give 100% to help out their teammates under them (also under you), and so on, and you will have a VAST [...]

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