Mark Soto Interviewed In Live Google Hangout As a Top Earner in BIM! Mark Soto was asked "Why Did You Choose BIG IDEA MASTERMIND?"

This is The Spot While The Evening Came and Some of The Dancers Performed I Took a Few Minutes to Sneek Away Turn Around Towards the Ocean to Appreciate and See The Glory of God! Through His Creation of This Massive Body of Water and Volcanoes,
And "I Just Thanked Him"
This Moment Right Here By Far Has Been  One of My Best Moments and Memories of Hawaii And My Life,
That I will Cherish Forever!


"Didn't I tell you that if you believe, you would see the glory of God?" John 11:40

Creator of BIM System Interviews 3 BIM Top Earners In Miami South Beach Mansion! "Mark Soto Once Again was One of The Top Earners Here!"

Mark Soto (BIMA) and Dave Sharpe(Founder of Empower Network)"How We Make Money While in Vacation at Secret Island in Hawaii" & More Than That "How You Can TOO!"