Real Online Money Making Opportunities

What is Real?

The definition of REAL is: Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. Is there really a fact about making money online? It is easy to imagine we can make money online or suppose that we can, but can it be a reality in the worldwide web of scams?

These are great questions, especially if you really need money and can’t afford to waste it on a hoax (a humorous or malicious deception). There’s nothing humorous about being deceived by an evil greedy person. There’s a world of difference between someone looking out for number one, and someone who genuinely wants to help others make money.

Perhaps you’ve heard the proverb that says if you give a man a fish, you may relieve his hunger for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you relieve his hunger for a lifetime. The latter is the person who really wants to help. That’s why scams don’t work!

What is an Opportunity?

Another definition I like is the one for opportunity: 1.A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. 2.A chance for employment or promotion. Opportunities are usually limited by time because they come and go. We have to choose whether or not to take a real online money making opportunity when it comes our way.

This is what my husband and I did. We were looking for work online and after some trial and error we found something that caught our attention. Through our own research, we saw integrity within the business foundation and through the webinars, we saw integrity in its leadership. And then we decided to find out if was a real online money making opportunity.

There’s Always Risk

If it’s worth trying, then it’s going to involve risk. This is where you weigh your circumstances and your chance for employment (your own business). The good thing about the internet is that there is always something new evolving. Something old that didn’t work doesn’t have to keep showing up in your online money making opportunities search. Ditch the old and bring in the new. Old online money making opportunities have come and gone. Start fresh.

I like the Big Idea Mastermind Academy where I can get the facts. I can choose my level of involvement, which brings the risk down a bit, but I can also easily upgrade at any time. I’ve found that the upgrade actually benefits everyone in the business, not just myself. It’s a win-win situation. Some people jump into the swimming pool with a big splash and some take the stairs on the side. Either way, they get in and have the same opportunity to swim.

Study the Real

How do banks spot a counterfeit bill? They study the real bills. When you spot something different, something that looks authentic, study it. Look at its integrity (1.The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. 2.The state of being whole and undivided). If the people in the company our divided and complaining amongst themselves, get out! If they have one purpose and unity and believe in what they do, stay in! Bad company corrupts good character. It’s not worth losing a good online reputation because of someone else’s bad moves. Choose wisely.

Best to you!

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